Nordic Folkboat
Gold Cup 2021

July 24-29, Tallinn, Estonia

The Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup

Estonian Kalevi Jahtklubi (Kalev Yacht Club) is officially confirmed as the organizer of the Folkboat Gold Cup 2021. This means that in the summer of 2021 more than 70 Folkboats from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom and United States are expected to race on the beautiful waters of Tallinn Bay

Days until the Race








6 days

of sailing and fun

70 boats



Kalev Yachtclub


Historic Olympic Marina!

Kalev Yacht Club was founded in 1948. It is situated in Pirita that for long has been a favorite recreational area for Tallinn’s people. Protected from the winds and waves the harbour is located at the mouth of Pirita River. In 1980 the Olympic Games were held in Tallinn, the Olympic Center is beside the Kalev Yacht Club in Pirita.

Kalev Yacht Club is one of the leading yacht clubs in Estonia and has an excellent reputation of arranging well organised international level competitions.

You are sure to have a great sailing and after-race time in Tallinn!

Kalev Yacht Club, Tallinn, Estonia


Resources for Racers


We have opened pre-registration for the early birds. Please leave us your contacts so we can get in touch. 

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How to get to Tallinn? Where to stay? We will try to give the latest info on travel. 

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The official registration will open in January 2021.
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