Tide has basically no effect on Tallinn Bay. We may have some light currents, but we rarely take them into account as the wind changes usually override them easily.

Estonian Weather Service has a decent website and they have some predictions for currents as well: http://www.ilmateenistus.ee/meri/mereprognoosid/merevee-hoovused/?lang=en

Wind forecast on the same site is here: http://www.ilmateenistus.ee/meri/mereprognoosid/tuul/?lang=en

We also like Windy.com for its terrific visuals: https://www.windy.com/?59.475,24.773,13

and Norwegian yr.no for its accuracy: https://www.yr.no/en/forecast/daily-table/2-588407/Estonia/Harju/Tallinna%20linn/Tallinn%20Bay

For actual real-time wind data of the very moment we like this Estonian site by Siim Ots: https://gis.ee/meri/?layers=navionics-ilm#12/59.4970/24.7234

It combines different layers of your choosing (maps, waypoints, marks for the every-Wednesday-race) with actual wind data from the Estonian Weather Service website.